Project idea and specific focus: These days of violence, social isolation and technology communications we forget for the old people closed behind the doors of empty houses or institutional special houses for them. No one wants to know nothing for the life passed around silently. Many of the volunteers today keep their attention on the environment, on children and people with special needs and this is a really good thing of thinking for these people but as we said we forget the old people standing all alone and no body cares about them. So this is our point of work this ACES session of volunteering. We want to focus our attention on the solitary and friendless old people. Our students are very artistic and creative new generation but they need some more experience in making friends with the old people and share their life experience. After a survey between the students we decided to point our view on volunteering among old people – to meet them, talk about their life by making interviews, performing different traditional and folklore rituals, songs and games of the special celebrations, making photos together and hand-made traditional presents for them and this way make them feel alive and colourful their life. But first students will learn during the workshops in the beginning of the project how to become a good volunteer, what is the main aim of volunteering and what means the charity in the human life, what can we do for the others to make them happy and to help them in their daily life. Performing and playing is our students’ hobby so they can do that with a great pleasure. As we said they are experienced actors.  This is one of the things they can do well. And we know that being friends to old people we’ll become more wise, patient and experienced in communication.

Photo: The project group at National College “Roman-Voda”, Roman, Romania.

The knowledge that belongs to the cultural heritage of different countries is an important goal of education and students. This project can also be an excellent way to discover and expand knowledge of artistic styles, cultural heritage and traditions that we have in common as partners .Common intercourse will enable participants to better understanding of the project, which will result in establishing closer contacts and friendship and further cooperation in the future. We’ll achieve the targets of the project through the organization of joint meetings, interviews, preparation of multimedia presentations, performances and workshops. Besides all-By means of voluntary teaching to the children at school, in orphanage, elderly at the nursing home: It’ll develop volunteering opportunities which are appropriate and relevant to the needs of the students. Volunteering will give the students an opportunity to change lives, including their own. By this project the pupils will be able to express themselves and keep their traditional values and knowledge alive and fresh. We need to promote the volunteering and social consciousness among pupils and teach them to estimate and respect the voluntary work.

Getting to know, preserving and exchanging traditions and customs specific to the countries in the project by involving pupils, teachers and local communities and promoting  the learning of English language and intercultural awareness .Through this project and its activities all the participants -pupils and teachers- will have great opportunity to teach each other and learn from one another about volunteering. One can learn best only by getting involved. With this project we want to help the pupils learn and cherish their and other countries cultural heritage and the treasures of the past and also understand their significance and another way of livings.