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ImageThe Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, better known as the Rila Monastery (Bulgarian: Рилски манастир, Rilski manastir) is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. It is situated in the southwestern Rila Mountains, 117 km (73 mi) south of the capital Sofia in the deep valley of the Rilska River at an elevation of 1,147 m (3,763 ft) above sea level. The monastery is named after its founder, the hermit Ivan of Rila (876946 AD). read more about it…

Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgarian: Велико Търново, Veliko Tŭrnovo) is a city in north central Bulgaria and the administrative centre of Veliko Tarnovo Province. Often referred to as the “City of the Tsars“, Veliko Tarnovo is located on the Yantra River and is famous as the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, attracting many tourists with its unique architecture. Until 1965 the name of the town was Tarnovo, and this is still the common name. The old city is situated on three hills, Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora raising amidst the meanders of the Yantra. Tsarevets housed the palaces of the Bulgarian Emperors and the Patriarchate with the Patriarchal Cathedral, as well as a number of administrative and residential edifices surrounded by thick walls. Trapezitsa was known for its many churches and as the main residence of the nobility. In the Middle Ages it was among the main European centres of culture and gave its name to the architecture of the Tarnovo Artistic School, painting of the Tarnovo Artistic School and literature. read more…

Activities in Blagoevgrad!

ImageThe countdown is running! Here is the schedule:


16.03.2012  FRIDAY

16.00 – 18.00  Arrival of our partners

18.00 – 19.00  Accommodation

19.00 – 22.00  Free evening

17.03.2012  SATURDAY

09.00 – 10.00 Visiting the old people in their home in Blagoevgrad.

10.00 – 16.00  Excursion to Rila Monastery.

18.30 – 20.30 An evening organized by Bulgarian students.

18.03.2012  SUNDAY

09.00 – 12.00  Workshop 1st Part

12.30 – 13.30   Lunch

14.00 – 16.00 Workshop 2nd Part

18.30 – 19.30 Charity Performance

20.00 – 22.00 Disco party

19.03.2012  MONDAY

08.00 – 09.00 Departure.

We try to protect our nature through a responsible attitude towards products we buy. The plastic bottles must be recycled.

That’s why we collect plastic bottles from the students of our high school every Thursday.

After that the bottles are taken from by local company which it recycles.