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In the evening we organized an International Charity Ball with the participation of 80 students who wanted to be part of a charity event. Our guests from Blagoevgrad presented and represented their beautiful town and country through music and dance.

Our volunteers performed some traditional songs.

We tried to bring also a little bit of colour with a medieval costume festival.

Legendary princes and queens showed up from the history: Elisabeth, Queen of England; Catherine de Medici, Queen of France; Princess Elena Cuza of Romania.

The Mayor of Roman, Mr. Dan Laurentiu Leoreanu, appreciated the event, the ACES initiative and our partner from Bulgaria.

Ms. Elena Preda, Educational Inspector of Neamt County, complimented the guests and the participants for involving in volunteering actions for the local community.


Volunteer in a Fundraising Team

Need (more) money for a cause? Why not raise it yourself?

Trainer: Mr. Brindusa Albert, MA, University of Houston, USA

The workshop focuses on fundraising methods for students and teachers who have great projects but don’t have funds or don’t have enough funds to develop them as they wish.

From selling home-made cookies, to organizing a fair or a school race, there is a large number of methods which have been tried before in schools and which may be inspiring for the participants. Moreover, the participants themselves will have the opportunity to share with the others their own experience in this respect or their fresh new ideas that they plan to put into practice.

The workshop is practice oriented, focusing on concrete methods of raising funds, specific for students and teachers.

By means of non-formal education (games, drawing, pantomime, etc.) the participants will create together with the trainer a picture of how volunteers can organize themselves a fundraising event or will be encouraged to just participate in one.

Ms. Sarah LaBounty, PCV Romania, presented our volunteering group how is actually being a volunteer. Some important issues like motivation, time, willing to do “the right thing” belonging to the necessary equipment every volunteer.

Sometimes, you just have to recognize who needs you most, what kind of problem can you solve.

And, yes, volunteering can be fun if you share it with the others!